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Consult with Inbal Paz

While I don't believe in vocal sessions through Zoom as an effective method, I can still guide you in the right direction. In fact, there are several benefits to working with a vocal coach, such as mastering high notes with ease, gaining full control of your tone, and finding your unique style. Additionally, if you're planning to record your singing in the studio, working with a vocal coach beforehand can greatly improve your performance and overall recording quality. And if you have specific questions about your voice, are preparing for an audition, or need a professional ear to listen and provide guidance before a performance, I would be more than happy to help.

Book Consultation Meeting Online

2 Consultation Meetings Package $1,200

In just two consultation sessions, I can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently navigate recording studios and auditions, master a song of your choice, and refine your vocal abilities by working on specific aspects and techniques to better control your voice.


4 + 1 Consultation Meetings Package $2,400

Over the course of five consultation sessions, we can delve deeper into the same areas covered in the two-session package, with the added benefit of exploring and discovering your unique voice. Together, we'll establish a foundation for using your voice without straining, refine your precision and vocal tone, broaden your range, and work on developing your comfort and confidence on stage.

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